• Commented on Vacation
    KSC is worth every minute. My brother and I spent two days there, taking both the tours they had available then. The longer tour included the parts that are now a restricted area where the first Mercury-Redstone were fired and...
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    In the US there are already plenty of people living a nomadic life in big motorhomes. Many of them are retired and have plenty of money, ut not everyone. Maybe we will see the rise of neonomads, people living in...
  • Commented on On Syria
    Chemical weapons are way nastier than nukes. I did my national service as a NBC specialist and apart from biologicals, where you know its basically the end of civilization, chemical weapons is as bad as it gets. Its a lot...
  • Commented on Press release
    What you really need is one of those "lucrative" Hollywood deals. A we havent had a proper post-singularity movie since The Matrix. That would probably keep you in cat food for a week or three....
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    The world economy would go through a really shaky period. Lots of capital is tied up in pension funds and the like and suddenly that money is in the hands of its owners. How does society handle all that spare...
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