• Commented on The language of alienation
    Mod parent up. Interesting how the suggestions converged onto two or three topics. We are ignorant of the complexity of our own digestive processes, but in a few years that will change. Likewise, the complexity of arable soil -- but...
  • Commented on The language of alienation
    A tweet that almost reads like line noise: Google's #FRAND-zero #patent license for #VP8 threatens to divide Web and FOSS communities bit.ly/13v62Y3 OSI President not amused https://mobile.twitter.com/fosspatents/status/336394237157470208...
  • Commented on Why I Do Self-Publish
    Thanks all for the info on self-publishing and libraries. I have been a Computer Person since 1978, and the horrid Overdrive eBook option for public libraries here completely baffles me....
  • Commented on Why I Do Self-Publish
    George.Herbert: former used bookstores of Telegraph Ave... Ouch. I lived up Haste St., about two blocks from Cody's, 25 years ago. It was a terrible neighborhood. But between the Big Earthquake and the Big Fire, things started to pick up,...
  • Commented on Why I Do Self-Publish
    ARNOLD, perhaps there are two decades and 7.6 million metres between us. And yet I would love to take you along the used bookstores of Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley -- California, that is. Most university towns still harbor a used...
  • Commented on Why I Do Self-Publish
    I wrote a book once. I made perhaps USD $ 0.30 per hour. I don't think it's a good way to get rich. Nor a way to work from home in your spare time... I bet that your ability to...
  • Commented on New Guest Blogger: Linda Nagata
    Very very happy that Linda Nagata will be blogging here! Question for her (before she has a chance to say hello? Is this obnoxious behavior on my part, or simply unbridled enthusiasm?) -- Question: Is the US "Young Adult" classification...
  • Commented on THE END.
    Mr. Stross is WRITING them faster than I can READ them! I wrote a tech book once, and very much like writing a large computer program I felt that the project required forward momentum or it would die. That is,...
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