• Commented on On the lack of cultural estrangement in SF
    I've always thought that the static nature of the societies in nearly all of Hamilton novels is a deliberate social commentary by the author. Here we have societies which are on thee brink to post-scarcity, but social forces act to...
  • Commented on The Singularity Is Further Than It Appears
    German release of "Nexus" announced for July. Good News....
  • Commented on Frankfurt, Beer, Friday
    It was a great evening thank you both and have a good trip back home!...
  • Commented on Frankfurt, Beer, Friday
    I´ll drop by. "Naturbar" has at least one vegan dish i think and it´s not very far from the Aposteln (10 minute walk) Nearest public transport: Eschenheimer Tor...
  • Commented on Frankfurt, Beer, Friday
    A couple of other recommendations: Zur Stalburg The building is also the location of small theater by the same name. Ginnheimer Wirtshaus Very traditional and quite large but not in a central area of Frankfurt. Good assortment of...
  • Commented on Frankfurt, Beer, Friday
    Well, Frankfurt is traditionally Applewine territory :) but there are still lots of places which brew their own delicious beer like the Klosterhof
  • Commented on Upcoming appearance: Frankfurt Book Fair
    ...tell us where and when so I can buy you a beer!...
  • Commented on THE END.
    Have a nice trip then!...
  • Commented on THE END.
    Where you're going to stay in Germany?...
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