• Commented on Service update
    Another vote for Stross on Scotland. [And I agree that non-Scot parliament is likely a semi-permanent tory majority right now; that prospect fills me with dread.]...
  • Commented on Schroedinger's Kingdom: the Scottish Political Singularity Explained
    OGH, way up top: "Labour today is considerably to the right of any of Margaret Thatcher's conservative predecessors" I would welcome data and/or commentary on this comment. Take as read that Labour has moved massively right; but I'm some combination...
  • Commented on "Write me something fresh and new, but make it just like the last one"
    Cognitive zombies and Cotard's? My chances of being able to offer Charlie useful consultancy comments just went up a lot :-)...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Merchant Princes
    Sean Eric: Naah :). The manipulations required are very explicitly on the subcellular level; there's no technique (and certainly not in the books' timeframe) that would permit looking at that in vivo. [There are things that might perhaps have been...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Merchant Princes
    The bit that caused me to lose immersion in this series was likely just because IRL I'm a neuroscientist: the apparently-unquestioned leap by the US from 'poke a cell this way and it vanishes' to 'therefore it is vanishing TO...
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