• Commented on World Cup: engage Grinch mode now!
    I've been merrily ignoring the football and watching the live streaming coverage of the Le Mans 24hr race instead. A minority pursuit I don't doubt, but it was looking rather interesting until about an hour ago - twenty seconds between...
  • Commented on Rule 34, meet Kafka
    Generally, it's illegal between 14 and 18 if the person is subject to some coercion I would have thought that sex with someone who has been subjected to coercion is illegal regardless of their age. Isn't that, um, rape? (This...
  • Commented on Rule 34, meet Kafka
    As resident legal anorak, it's not a strict liability offence. Section 52A(2) of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 provides for defences that the images were sent without having been requested and had not been kept for an unreasonable length...
  • Commented on Me, talking
    The DeLorean is just a Renault 20 with a bit of movie fairydust sprinkled on it. Go ahead and engage the flux capacitors, I say. Of the 1980s parts-bin specials, I always thought Ford's RS200 a much more elegant beast....
  • Commented on Unbreakable (part2)
    Let me phrase it another way. Why is it that whenever a male commits a crime his gender is not associated with that crime? My crack at an answer to the question: Because it's unusual. Males committing crime is the...
  • Commented on Understanding Reader Reviews
    Where I do find aggregate ratings of the kind produced by GoodReads helpful is in getting a hint as to where to start with an author I've discovered. Generally speaking, I've found star-ratings a good guide to the relative quality...
  • Commented on Zoom-Zoom
    I'm reminded of something that another rally driver from the same era, Michele Mouton, said of the crowds "If you want to be competitive, you have to pretend they are not people. They are trees, and of course, you don't...
  • Commented on Zoom-Zoom
    Hi Stina I'm not much of a petrolhead, to put it mildly, heading towards my late 30s without having ever learned to drive. But I have borrowed a friend's 2-stroke kart once, and there's nothing like doing 90+mph an inch...
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