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    Yup. It's been mentioned before that that was on purpose. Peter-Fred Young (Think I remember that correctly), Bob's intern, is also a reference to PFY....
  • Commented on Minor hiccup
    Isn't that mentioned in the first book? The math that proves P=NP and programs using those algorithms cause monsters to raise out of the cheap 60s-era carpeted floors. So P=NP if you are whiling to be eaten by a grue,...
  • Commented on Minor hiccup
    Oh, that's quite fine. There's a bit of a meta aspect to that. Some kinds of jokes taper off as Bob moves up the company hierarchy. (Trying not to spoil things here) Completely appropriate. It's nice to have a series...
  • Commented on Minor hiccup
    Sorry to be a silly fan but.. Do you have as much fun planting computer references and jokes as I do reading them? As a programmer, I am often laughing as read any book from the Laundry File series. I...
  • Commented on How I feel this morning
    This is pretty much exactly how I feel. I feel like a huge part of my online life has been utterly destroyed by a company that used to be something good. They have successfully kill any chance that I will...
  • Commented on Understanding Reader Reviews
    Damn... I need to reread Glasshouse again. This has got to be the third or fourth time this year....
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