• Commented on Unbreakable (part2)
    This is interesting and ties in to something I've felt for a long time. I'm constantly surprised when someone (be they male or female) commits some sort of atrocity, and the reaction of people is utter shock and disbelief as...
  • Commented on Unbreakable (part 1)
    'Hollow Man' - awful film (with some good SFX) where the producers confused the word 'invisible' with 'invincible'. I much prefer films which have a more realistic portrayal of the consequences of violence. Take 'Saving Private Ryan' for example. There...
  • Commented on Of Blood and Honey, And Blue Skies from Pain
    I don't normally go for 'fantasy' novels, but must admit your books sound intriguing and I'll give the first one a go. As paws4thot also commented, I've enjoyed a number of books by Charlie's guest bloggers, and it's always good...
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