• Commented on Publishing - We're All On the Same Side
    @tontontms: Just bear in mind that Amazon itself is a digital publisher, and a highly aggressive one taking clear aim at the traditional publishers. I'd assume their recommendation algorithms are favouring their own stable of self-published authors....
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    Not to mention issue #50 of the Larry Hama-written GI Joe comic published by Marvel in 1986. The backup story, "Best Defense", had a group of Trotskyist terrorists hijack an airliner with the intent of crashing it into a Soviet...
  • Commented on Grand Guignol Tropes
    Other than the interesting bottle, I wouldn't really recommend Crystal Head. It doesn't taste much different from most mid-range grain vodkas. As an aside, the (state-owned and operated) liquor stores here in Ackroyd's home province of Ontario wouldn't initially stock...
  • Commented on Unbreakable (part2)
    Orwell noted as much in "Politics and the English Language": "fascism" came to mean "that form of government which is undesirable" and "democracy", "that form of government which is desirable"....
  • Commented on Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
    "I'm wondering just how bad an anti-hero we can get away with?" Pretty bad. File off the serial numbers, tweak the endings and you could make a hero of Stalin or Hitler pretty easily, while Mao is a hero to...
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