• Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    To Charlie's original question, what are the long term consequences? Nothing, absolutely nothing is the answer, the US has completely lost the ability to do joined up writing and planning when it comes to such things As a resident of...
  • Commented on Radio silence
    The DeepGo result was highly significant and very scary Go isn't like Chess, you can't just number crunch to beat humans And it didn't just beat humans, it played moves no one could understand Her of the many names could...
  • Commented on Help Wanted at the Climate Policy Sausage Factory
    Mmm well it's not simple and being a civil engineer I rely on others, like toxicologists but.... Hexavalent and trivalent chromium can change form dependent on their environment, in acidic environments hex changes to tri While the dangers of inhaling...
  • Commented on Help Wanted at the Climate Policy Sausage Factory
    Having spent the first decade of my career working for a company that poured concrete all day long and the last fifteen working in contamination clean up, I can't agree with her of the many names on this at all....
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