• Commented on The latest Hugo awards storm
    "The fact that cons are invariably organized by amateurs may be part of the reason why I prefer to view them from afar." Fair enough. I have the same feeling about Creation Cons / $BIG_MEDIA "events". To each their own....
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    Your brief on 'Wee Eck' is deserving of addition to his Uncyclopedia entry, which is also pretty awesome....
  • Commented on I suck at New Year Resolutions
    Rule 17 is: "Shut up, Chris!" I've had to use it when on SF convention committees. It's very useful....
  • Commented on Big Guns[1]
    I've handled firearms since I was 10. The first rule my dad taught me was "never point a gun at anyone unless you mean to kill them". Like OGH, I was at school with a cadet corps. I handled .303...
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