• Commented on The Rhesus Chart: Chapter One
    'develop a data mining utility to provide three sigma confirmation of the null hypothesis based on evidence from the NHS Spine.' But you can't confirm the null hypothesis; in significance-testing, you only ever reject it or conclude nothing. We've...
  • Commented on Changing my mind on nuclear disarmament
    80: Clearly the surrender was all the atomic bomb, and the various 'delays' and other things were due to infighting; and it had nothing to do with the Russians declaring war and taking Sakhalin some while after the bombing... OP:...
  • Commented on How I feel this morning
    There are even more extreme examples. One of the most interesting episodes of the anime Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei comes to mind... Zetsubou-sensei is famous for being a very Shaft-style anime, with lots of easter eggs and random text on walls or...
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    125 Now now, be fair. LessWrong does not believe in or advocate Roko's Basilisk... just all the pieces that make it up. If I may quote the Presocratics (since accusations are being thrown around of being ignorant of history), "Tragedy...
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    I explained exactly my problems with it in our discussion yesterday. Feel free to re-read it. It is misleading because it's his own quite unique takes on things, as a read of the full post you archived indicates. (By the...
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    XiXi, why are you peddling that Muflax quote here when we were literally yesterday discussing how it's wrong or misleading in almost every way? Link for in case you forgot already: To which I would add a link to...
  • Commented on Understanding Reader Reviews
    Sometimes reading particularly negative reviews, I think of Nietzsche: "Somebody remarked: 'I can tell by my own reaction to it that this book is harmful.' But let him only wait and perhaps one day he will admit to himself that...
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