• Commented on Competition Time!
    Dear employee, In view of your recent disciplinary hearing in respect of :- Dissecting a demon in public: It is noted that such drastic action was taken in order to "recover top secret documents from the belly of the beast"...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    Guessing the CIA released bitcoin to distract bugs like me from gold and silver - get us to sell our metals to keep prices down and replenish gov't stockpiles so they can pay back Germany's gold, then crush the bitcoiners...
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    Possibly side-tracking here, but if cars are being automated, why the hell do trains still need drivers right now???...
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    Has anyone mentioned miniaturisation in combination with this technology? I know people mentioned ground based drones, but what about a foot-long delivery truck? Imagine a drug dealer with 50 of the things - he takes payment in a bitcoin equivalent...
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    1) Less jobs - Driverless taxis & deliveries would wipe out several job-roles. If it results in a reduced risk of crashing then people might feel more comfortable sharing cars, or renting theirs out as a driverless taxi when they...
  • Commented on Boskone 50
    The thing about a singularity is that it is exponential, so anyone commenting on it is going to be wrong exponentially fast. But good luck with that....
  • Commented on Happy Christmas! Here is a flame war in a can
    An interesting test for this theory might be for someone with expert local knowledge to confirm whether or not there are already individuals or groups claiming 'miraculous' activities by Bin Laden. Any takers?...
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