• Commented on Gadget Patrol: iPad, a month on
    Will you want Apple's (and what MS would like) walled-garden software environment, or do you want to understand this stuff well enough to build your own OS to your liking (as you've done instinctively all these years with your personality...
  • Commented on Gadget Patrol: iPad
    (Sorry if that last was too snarky, but it annoyed me to see 'production of software' tied to 'people on the Internet' as if software production were the only thing that mattered.) Also, Charlie? Have you tried WriteRoom yet for...
  • Commented on Gadget Patrol: iPad
    And somehow the only value of 'production' that counts is 'production of software'?...
  • Commented on PDF: Satanic horror from the abyss, or merely evil?
    I certainly get why PDF is not particularly suitable for hand-held reading. And that it's not particularly necessary for books that are more-or-less just a huge hunk o' text. And that Adobe Reader is a huge mass of eldrich cr*p....
  • Commented on CMAP #2: How Books Are Made
    I think one reason I have a negative emotional reaction to the narrative going on right now is the constant denigration of fan-based or amateur writing as though if you're not a published writer, not making a living at what...
  • Commented on CMAP #2: How Books Are Made
    Leaving aside the slush pile, since most people will probably never see one (and the world sanity quotient takes a big sigh of relief): for a good idea of what books would look like without the editing process, why not...
  • Commented on CMAP #2: How Books Are Made
    Er... successful books subsidizing unsuccessful ones is not good for the consumers? News to me. Or do you not subscribe to the theory, repeated multiple times in the threads over the last couple of weeks, that subsidizing marginal books is...
  • Commented on Common Misconceptions About Publishing: #1
    To note, these things have already been exhaustively covered in the various Amazon/Macmillan posts and comment threads; I'll just refer to them in short here. I'm guessing that if publishers are cutting editors there will be a number of unemployed...
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