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    Heteromeles: 'Basically (so far as I can tell), no one was paying much attention to the Persian Gulf before Churchill decided to upgrade the British Navy to oil in the 1920s, using Iranian oil.' If you believe that, you know...
  • Commented on A nation of slaves
    EL at #85" 'For all people scream and shout about it, I don't understand why an inalienable basic income isn't instituted.' For all those people like EL at #85 who seem genuinely puzzled by this question .... There's no inalienable...
  • Commented on Catching a Blighty
    Charlie -- Regarding the Nazi V3 counterfactual proposed -- which you rightly shot down with 'US liquid-fueled ICBMs proved to be a first generation stop-gap; the real breakthrough ...was solid fuels -- that's what Polaris A3 ran on and, later,...
  • Commented on Tapeworm Logic
    Granted, this is a thread about the Fermi Paradox and not our favorite SF writers. However, it turns out that the late Stanislaw Lem was a genius who was only secondarily a science fiction writer. In the late 1950s-early 60s...
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