• Commented on Circumstantial connections
    Does the UK have the "double jeopardy" provision against being tried twice for the same offense?...
  • Commented on Baboon Fart Odyssey
    you sign, say, twenty people for an advance of X thousand. Nineteen of those never earn out their advance, but that's OK, because the twentieth sold a few million copies. Author twenty then goes and moans about the awful terms...
  • Commented on PSA: Ignore the news
    but the TV channels and newpapers have to fill the dead air somehow, to keep the eyeballs they've attracted on the advertisements.... Such speculation in turn increases anxiety levels and causes depression, bringing the onlookers back for more. Handily...
  • Commented on Women in SF and Fantasy
    I find it difficult to identify with women in the past I'm only 55, and through much of my life, I've found it difficult to identify with women in the present. Whoopi Goldberg's movie Jumpin' Jack Flash blew the top...
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