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    a small mistake: I hit “send” and wander out into the neon tube overcast where Iris is tapping her toes. “Your place or mine?” “Mine,” says Iris, ... a bit later ... She slides the file across my desk and...
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    Around 2000, the French government (socialist/communist/green alliance) tried to address the unemployment situation by lowering the length of the working week to 35 hours - that was to be the first step towards the 4 days work week - and...
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    The level of male violence against women isn't going to get any lower in our post-industrial societies, it may even get higher. Why that, as all cultural constructs aim to reduce violence (religions, gender studies, expanding prison system, etc...)? Well,...
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    charlie said: The tendency of human beings to form stable mated couples over a time period comparable to the development time of human infants (from neonate to adolescent) strongly suggests that human reproductive behaviour is dominated by cooperative strategies. Going...
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