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    Yes. Needing about 100 devices when increasing the radius by a factor of 10 (50m to 500m in the original comment) is a square law....
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    Shouldn't the number required vary as the third power of the radius? No. If you shield the surface you are effectivly shielding the whole volume. How is the gravitational interaction coming through the surface? Think Faraday cage as an analogy....
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    I find the use of antimatter outside a laboratry (a rather big laboratry with a collider stashed somewhere) extremely unplausible. How do you generate the quantities needed for applications? And more important, how do you store it?...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    In that case, what very often gets underestimated is the area that needs to be covered with that beam....
  • Commented on Wag that puppy
    I mentioned in the other thread that performance psychology fascinated me. One part of this was the "flow state" (what I suspect is meant when the Japanese start talking about "no-mind"). I'd suggest that most experienced drivers have in fact...
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    What is wrong with simply defining intelligence as generalized problem solving ability? Because there is no generalized problem. Each problem and the solution depend on the context. If you have experience solving similar problems you can probably adapt some techniques...
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