• Commented on Interstitial note
    Charlie, Bah! You killed an entire subset of the Multiverse in the Atrocity Archives. Don't you remember the monster of entropy unleashed by the Nazis? That's a bigger deal than blowing up a single star....
  • Commented on What scared H. P. Lovecraft
    Lovecraft didn't need Hubble to work himself into existential panic. 19th century thermodynamics could do it. Ever hear of Boltzmann brains (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boltzmann_brain)? The possibility that the next moment you experience could be as a solitary brain floating in an empty...
  • Commented on Time tourism: some reaction shots
    Charlie, I agree with the overall points about power, gender, tourism, and why we don't see as many women in time travel literature. But, I hesitate to uniformly dismiss the whole of human history as a patriarchal Dystopia. Human history...
  • Commented on A Bad Dream
    Charlie, this is a useful discussion but your thesis is simplistic if provocative. Yes, western democracies are in a state of crisis and legitimacy seems to be evaporating, but no this is not a stable configuration beyond the short term....
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    Interesting, but missing other factors. There are many selective pressures on intelligence. On the down side is metabolic cost. On the positive side, beside language, there is the theory of Machiavellian intelligence, or social intelligence. You need smarts to navigate...
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