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    I think it's been exceeded but it probably was high literature, or at least a partially successful attempt....
  • Commented on What scared H. P. Lovecraft
    dead, dying and, or in hiding...
  • Commented on Parasites
    Naegleria brain-eating amoeba death results in 1 to 3 weeks...
  • Commented on Marking time, more thoughts
    enough of the right people...and less of the wrong ones...
  • Commented on Mitochondrial Singularity
    Leap before, during and after you look! "Demand expands to overmatch capacity.". WG Which is to say demand aided by imagination, as capacity has none....
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    Is stupidity fatal? Only the smart know for sure. Only as weak/dumbest as your strongest/smartest link. The weak (don't get) break(s) and fall behind, the strong don't and break away....
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