• Commented on Who ordered *that*?
    "persecution/suppression of voting rights" or "Republican attempt to rig the electoral rolls" Sort of both. Rationally, rigging the voter rules with difficult id requirements to prevent "voter fraud", gerrymandering etc, is one way (the only way?) for Republicans to compete...
  • Commented on Monarchy versus the Panopticon
    I've also worked for government, and in fact was a candidate to work for the NSA until they discovered I had an interest in art. Subversive, right? I too doubt soulless bureaucrats are a common as people think. I do...
  • Commented on Monarchy versus the Panopticon
    re: "the social implications of the near-future world of ubiquitous computing and monitoring as they interact with the institution," Gail Collins of the NY Times has an interesting comment this morning "It really does make sense to breed a...
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    Maybe this has a simpler answer: confirmation bias. We recognize or create patterns and select only evidence that confirms our view of the world. Anyone who disagrees is stupid. Result: We're as smart as we need to be until...
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