• Commented on Shiny!
    Oh frabjous day! About bloody time! Congratulations!! Re-reading it now......
  • Commented on Left Turn, Clyde
    (sorry for double-comment... But. I can't stop thinking about your process of creating music with GarageBand and friends. And left turns. If we are all turning left, and the project flows nicely, why - that's dancing, of course. So it...
  • Commented on Left Turn, Clyde
    I am SO. Completely. In awe... This is the best thing I've read all week. Congratulations on your musical! Wow!...
  • Commented on Look over there ...
    perhaps this comment thread is dead, but... "What I'd really like is more Subterranean Press editions of our host's work, bundled with a corresponding DRM-free ebook. (Feel free to watermark the ebook like the technical publishers do.) I would pay...
  • Commented on CMAP #5: Why books are the length they are
    Since I got my iPhone in 2007, I've tried reading only ebooks. This habit really started with the release of Accelerando as an ebook, which I believe pre-dated my iPhone by a bit. I read the first bits of Accelerando...
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