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    I would be happy if cops stuck with the Robocop principles*: 1) Serve the public trust 2) Protect the innocent 3) Uphold the law That they can't surmount that low bar is a damning indictment of policing in St. Louis....
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    The actual form is "Peelian", belonging to Peel. "Peelesque" would be "resembling Peel" to me, which really isn't the intent. And I've been hammering folks with the Peelian Principles for a good long while. Trivia point; I grew up in...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    Unauthorised use of shoggoth-specific geases in an attempt to mitigate seasonal rhinitis, resulting in the animation and subsequent infestation of the canteen by discarded facial tissues. -- Steve...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    Curiously history does NOT support the assertion that the modern nation state is more violent; today you are far less likely to die by violence (state-administered or otherwise) than you were in the 18th century. The difference appears to be...
  • Commented on Trust Me (I'm a kettle)
    When I got my Origami slate computer (and a Bluetooth keyboard to accompany it) back in 2006 people looked askance at my only using the touchscreen to enter passwords and account information. Feeling some undeserved vindication now... -- Steve...
  • Commented on This explains everything
    I don't know if I should be saying this, you never know who is going to read it, but check up on Eliza Cassan. (Note: contains huge story spoilers... those interested in video games and stories of the effects...
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