• Commented on App store annoyances
    One thing I have found with recent Andoid (and the FB app is a particular example), is that there seems to be no way to turn it off without practically uninstalling the damn thing. Same applies to skype now too...
  • Commented on Trotskyite singularitarians for Monarchism! A political speculation.
    When I started to read this I thought it was a clever piece of satirical mockery along the lines of Private Eye's Spartist rants, but it gradually dawned on me that you appear to be serious albeit using words and...
  • Commented on His Master's Voice
    OT from the topic, but I just came across this languagelog post with a quote from our host
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Jennifer Morgue
    I love the Bond flow charts. It occurs to me that thye can be reused for many many action advendture quest kinds of book/movie...
  • Commented on Political failure modes and the beige dictatorship
    What you don't mention, but which is an obvious corollory to your general rule of Beige, is that no politician who supports smaller government really stands a chance of getting elected. And if they do by some chance get elected...
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