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    As to what should be done. Easiest way to get a sort-of micropayment system is probably a successful Spotify or Netflix for journalistic content. I have no interest in reading foreign news in my local, Swedish, newspaper. But I may...
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    What is the fundamental difference between sites trying to get lots of eyeballs for ads, and sites trying to get lots of micropayments? Seems like both systems would provide the same incentives....
  • Commented on Why we're not going to see sub-orbital airliners
    Any reason the sub-orbital airliner could not coast the final stretch of the journey at normal airliner speed? First fly at high mach to somewhere the military liked, and then proceed to a suitable hub or even city airport? Sounds...
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    I certainly hope for smaller, more human scale automatic transport within cities. Something pallet sized and quiet to replace delivery trucks. Today the incentive is to make delivery vehicles as large as possible, to maximise the amount of goods one...
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    Online food delivery has one advantage - it does not need to store fresh produce a couple of days on shelves. In theory that should result in fresher and better product. Personally I would not mind at all getting an...
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    A lot less parking lots, and more density when we reclaim the space. A self-driving vehicle only needs one parking space, and it does not have to be close to anything in particular. Home delivery of anything, 24/7. Online retail...
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    It would be even nicer if there were some legal way for refugees to actually reach Sweden so they can apply for asylum... But yes this is a very good thing. I remember a few year back when our migration...
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