• Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    Sounds amazing! I'm pre-ordering my copy from Bakka-Phoenix....
  • Commented on Someone please sack the script-writers
    The band of blue across Alabama, Georgia and S. Carolina is interesting, as is the band that goes up the Mississippi and terminates at, roughly, Memphis. I know there are some big cities in those bands, but I would not...
  • Commented on What can possibly go wrong?
    All the scams become more effective with fake video and audio: - Help, I'm stranded in a foreign country. Send money - We're holding your loved one hostage until you send a ransom - This is your Prime Minister. I...
  • Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    A lot of Canadian bitumen (unrefined tar sands) goes to refineries in New Orleans and Houston for export. If Houston refineries are wiped out, it will significantly impact the Canadian oil industry. Alberta might even try building a local refinery....
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