P J Evans

P J Evans

  • Commented on Post mortem
    The elevator pitch has me interested, too! (now I think I have to got track down MP books)...
  • Commented on CMAP #2: How Books Are Made
    And after the bookstore employees go through the stripped books, they send them to a landfill, where the employees will go through the remainder. Some of them aren't bad, but some are losses in terms of actual book stuff like...
  • Commented on International travel redux
    Trains derailing - or hitting large solid objects like other trains - tend to be messy, even when they only kill a handful of people. (A locomotive weighs one or two hundred tons.)...
  • Commented on Writing tools
    Word certainly has its uses. I wouldn't use it to create HTML files - I've seen the code it puts out, and you have to do a lot of cleanup to get it to anything reasonable - but for text...
  • Commented on Flame bait
    The problem here being that the USDA has standard recipes, which include the sugar/HFCS. If you don't use their standard recipe for the product, you have to call it something else. (Again with the TJ reference: they were selling a...
  • Commented on Flame bait
    Yeah, but after it's sat in the fridge for a while it has the consistency of concrete. Set concrete. (My mother ate old-fashioned PB. I'm not sure that no-HFCS is worth the stirring and the rest of it.) During the...
  • Commented on New Year's Resolutions
    I want to resolve to get rid of a lot of stuff encumbering my life (boxes of books, mostly) .... On the new look: nice design (but the software logged me out and I had a time finding out the...
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