J. Kyle Wilson

J. Kyle Wilson

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    It is a cool idea, even if the purveyor lacks scientific rigor. Even more interesting would be the possibility that we might be able to locate additional asteroids that had that sort of concentration of fissionables in their makeup. Now...
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    @13 I think that is the big question. Are these things truly unbounded positive feedback exponentials or are they 'S' curves that look exponential until you hit another limiting case and flatten back out. All of the singularity fiction I've...
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    I think that most vast transitions through a civilizational 'S' curve look more seamless from the 'before' than they do during or after. I suspect that any AI related transition will turn out to have lots of caveats and limitations...
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    I'd think most singularity-type events would be 'S' curve where at some point the jump forward hits some limiting factor or other. Invent a more than human AI and you'll find that there are still limits to its capabilities that...
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    I'm looking forward to seeing you live and in person. Strange thing, but I've been reading F&SF since I was in elementary school, but now at almost 50 I've finally gotten around to going to a con. Not entirely sure...
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