• Commented on The last refuge of scoundrels
    After Reagan's funeral, I decided that the worse a political leader was, the more impressive their funeral. Trottelreiner, I've been thinking of that band, since her death....
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    "Since I'm reading a bunch of WWII history for a project right now, all I can say is that history is ALWAYS contingent." Times of war, yes. Other times, not so much. Things happen, but slowly....
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    Has anyone, really, done this better than John Brunner? And does anyone have anything to add? It seems to me to be an exhausted subject at this point. At the same time, we stare into a singularity. There are no...
  • Commented on Project Stargate
    They call them "spooks" for a reason....
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