• Commented on The language of alienation
    Had I encountered theseheadlines 10 years ago, my WTF?!? meter would have bounced the needle: "Fearing American advantage, Europe struggles with Fracking Issue" "Olive Groves and Fracking" "Township group gathers to discuss anti-Fracking Ordinance" "Fracking Waste Subject of County Landfill...
  • Commented on The Fumes of Mordor & Other World Building Models
    Linda, thank you for your very interesting descriptions. It helped my wife and I pick our excursions last night for our 20th anniversary Hawaii cruise. In two weeks I'll be touring much of those diverse landscapes thinking very SF thoughts....
  • Commented on New Guest Blogger: Ian Tregillis
    It's 1939. The Nazis have supermen, the British have demons, and one perfectly ordinary man is caught in the middle. That may be one of the most concise and enticing story synopsis I've ever read. Off to the ebook store......
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