• Commented on How I feel this morning
    Well, Feedly did say that "if you are a third party developer using the Google Reader API and would like to integrate with Normandy, please send an email to remi@feedly.com. We would love to keep the Google Reader ecosystem alive."...
  • Commented on How I feel this morning
    Not sure whether this helps you, but I've been using Feedly for some time now to view all my rss feeds from Google reader and they've put out a statement that they will continue to support the feeds even after...
  • Commented on Dragged kicking and screaming into the 19th century
    I suppose, like any other institution/organisation, its life expectancy will be determined by its "usefulness" to the community it purports to "serve". It's gone from minor cult, to an annoyance to the establishment, to becoming the establishment itself and has...
  • Commented on The jet lag game
    Ahhh, teleport booths - great in principle - it's the dematerialising/rematerialising bit that gets me. Can't quite get my head around the fact that the person arriving at the other end is a copy that thinks it's you......
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