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    Sorry, the reference was to the Oklo deposit, said to be 70 percent pure (I don't know if that is right). I was mixing it up with the very large unconformity deposits in Northern Canada, one of which is about...
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    I like the part about 0.14 cubic kilometres of pure (U, Th)O2 -- a 1.4-billion-tonne deposit, on a world with not much running water -- justified by reference to a 140000-tonne deposit on Earth....
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    I don't care if this is implausible, it's bloody going in a novel. OK? OK....
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    I can't remember the fellow's name, and don't have the paper at hand right now, but I know there's somebody trying to develop a method of propulsion based entirely on a unique interpretation of Mach's principle. J.F. Woodward....
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