• Commented on CMAP #9: Ebooks
    My biggest two grips with the ebook market in the uk are this. 1) For a new ebook, the price is often more that I'd end up paying for a paperback released at the same time. They both have the...
  • Commented on PSA: The Fuller Memorandum
    Mark, If you'd tried bitching at them, there's a chance they'd have sorted that price for you out (they've certainly compensated people for similar before). Technically they've got to do it, they're just hoping people won't ask so they can...
  • Commented on PSA: The Fuller Memorandum
    Might seem like a stupid question, but do you know who (if anyone) will be selling an ebook version of this in the UK when it comes out? I'd rather get it in that format, but if I'm going to...
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