Phil Goetz

Phil Goetz

  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    Actually, this is the part that raised my eyebrows the most: Reality is somewhat less convenient and Brussels has no alternative but to play hardball if it is to deter other loosely-bound members from following England's example. The EU is...
  • Commented on Why Microsoft Word must Die
    (Er, install xdvi to view .dvi files. Install dvips to convert .dvi to .ps.)...
  • Commented on Why Microsoft Word must Die
    This isn't a fair comparison. Got an old latex document from the 1990s? Okay; try viewing it today. First install tex. Then install latex. Missing a driver? Missing a library file? Get & install them. Compile your latex document. It...
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    Most people worry that robots are more likely to be able to kill "civilians" with impunity, but the opposite outcome is more likely. Many, perhaps most, civilian casualties and friendly-fire incidents occur because human soldiers need to defend themselves. There...
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    Well, that was terribly confused and unjust of you, Charlie. You describe an argument that Eliezer has banned from LessWrong, and you claim that that argument exposes "the Calvinist nature of Extropian techno-theology." So the only argument that Eliezer has...
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