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    Omega, emma: Cheers, for the heads-up and support respectively. cicely: Yep, absolutely. I sort of wonder if Chris Colfer would work, given the profile he's attained with Glee; he'd make a good Ross to my mind, and on a purely...
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    Seeing as how Charlie's still away, and is currently at risk, it seems, of being kept away by an irate Icelandic volcano god, I thought I'd slip in another post to help tide things over, maybe riff off something I touched on at the end of the previous entry, and in a couple of comments after.
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    To be fair to John, I did sort of invite good-natured banter. I read that as tongue-in-cheek badinage with no offense intended....
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    Lysander: yeah, I drool at the sight of those Jam Packs. Trying to get a decent tango beat from the basic loops was one of the most gnarly parts of the project. Hope you enjoy the book(s). Same goes for...
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    eddie: Is this some mad American thing about left turns on the road causing accidents? As a non-driver in a country where we drive on tother side, I'm just guessing that's how the dying babies factor in. Cause otherwise that...
  • Commented on Left Turn, Clyde
    clvrmnky: Liking Hedwig renders all judgements regarding soul and the presence thereof null and void, far as I'm concerned. Were I the vengeful god of musical theatre, that alone would be a Get Out of Hades Free card....
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    Till: Ach, I didn't want to co-opt Charlie's blog with blatant self-pimpage, but I guess it's not too gauche. I've updated the post with a wee link at the end of the first paragraph. Cicely: I think there's an interesting...
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    After blogging about travel adventures and the unknown, I thought I'd follow the loose tangential connection my mind makes with such things, and post about the next jaunt on my own agenda, and about the way that stepping outside your comfort zone in other ways can sometimes end up in something unexpectedly cool. Cause for me the next journey off my native soil -- flights just booked shortly after that post, actually -- is a wee trip to Chicago in June. It's only a few days, with I don't know what crash space organised for me at the other end, there's no convention to go to, and no publishers to see, and I really can't afford it, but I couldn't resist it, couldn't not go. There's a musical playing, you see, for the first time ever, world premiere. And it's mine.
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    Miles: Heh, yeah, some people love the actual travel and some people just hate it. The quick but hard way to find this out is to make the mistake of traveling with someone on the opposite side of the fence....
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    Ted, LafinJack, I think Charlie knew the kind of house-sitter he was inviting. Still... Charlie, I shall endeavor not to single-handedly invoke the ire of the net nannies with my inveterate potty-mouth. Never fucking work, knowing me, but I'll try....
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    So, Charlie's off in Japan, and I'm his unlikely surrogate for a week or so. Hi, I'm Hal Duncan, and I'm the poor man's Charles Stross. Or the Charlie Stross's poor man. Or something. I'm certainly jealous as fuck of Charlie's gallivanting to Japan, cause it's probably one of my favourite things about this whole writing gig -- the travel.
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    Hello, myself! Yes, the comment moderation is quite easy too....
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    Why, hello, me!...
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    Just to make sure. And maybe try a little formatting. Like, let's see what the blockquote looks like here: quote from somebody And then we could have: a list bullet-pointed just because Yep, definitely straightforward....
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    Seems all pretty straightforward to me....
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