• Commented on App store annoyances
    (and I pay for iTunes Match so I can avoid having to manually sync music to my devices, like some kind of Palaeolithic animal!)...
  • Commented on App store annoyances
    Do you sync your iOS devices with iTunes? IME it's well worth going iTunes-free. I have each of my devices nominally linked to iTunes on my laptop, but I don't ever sync them, so iTunes is configured to never download...
  • Commented on Spook Century
    I find it a bit weird that people are surprised about listening agencies spying on foreign leaders - haven't we known that they've been doing that for decades? It's good business to be aware of what everyone is saying/thinking, be...
  • Commented on Blatant Advertising
    UK link for the Apple iBook store is: Best of all, it's only 99p! yoink...
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    Rather selfish one here, but I fear for the implications on the rights to live/work anywhere in the EU. I'm British and unmarried, but I have a long-term partner (a German citizen) and we have two kids (who both have...
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