• Commented on Rule 34, meet Kafka
    So the big doughnut-shaped building in Cheltenham may legally be classified as a paedophile ring?...
  • Commented on Miscellanea
    I imagine Obama-era spooks using FTA-developed palantir-like devices to hunt down and terminate world-walkers with maximum prejudice in a covert war ranging across the time-space manifold. Am I far off the mark?...
  • Commented on Commercial interlude
    Indeed, perhaps there should be a word for the inevitable black-wearing angsty/morbid/philosophically-oppositional teen/post-teen subcultures, encompassing goths, emos, what the emos' kids will call themselves and perhaps various types of punks and metallers/heshers? May I propose “darklings”......
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    A modest proposal: What about London seceding from the rest of the UK to become a postdemocratic free-market city-state, à la Dubai and Singapore? It can be governed by the City of London (a corporate-ruled tier of government which is...
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