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    Charlie - I would absolutely agree that "islam" != "islamism" and apologise for not proof reading the previous post. The wider point I was trying to make is that if you are looking for potential states that might act a...
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    I disagree with your overall thesis but don't have time for a considered rebuttal. On the specific point of Malaysia as a bulwark against Islam I would strong argue against it given: Constitutional discrimination against non-Muslims see Bumiputera / Article...
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    Charlie, I would be interested to hear your response to Kate Hoey's case for brexit, summarised here
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    Our genial host is correct on the Eurobond market - but it would be very simple to counteract the effect of leaving the EU on banking. Just strike through the latest regulation of bankers pay (ignore the arguments of the...
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