• Commented on Schroedinger's Kingdom: the Scottish Political Singularity Explained
    I agree with those who say UKIP won't get more than a 2-3 MPs elected in 2015, and I'd go further and say that if Scotland votes "No", which I still think is the most likely outcome, then UKIP will...
  • Commented on Miscellanea
    And the government of the day does exactly what any British government in the past third of a century has done when it discovers an over-manned, feather-bedded civil service department with a large budget and hazy responsibilities: it sets it...
  • Commented on Beer, Brooklyn NY, this Thursday
    That zip code is for somewhere in New Orleans - looks like the correct one is 11249...
  • Commented on Notes from the coal face
    The new Merchant Princes trilogy starts out as near-future Grim Meathook Future dystopia with added cyberpunk chrome, and is due to morph gradually into space opera. Because I get bored easily and need a challenge ... So looking forward to...
  • Commented on Blatant Advertising
    I got mine on the Nook app for Windows RT[1] from Barnes Noble and it too has the the underlines instead of italics. I wonder if it's a USAnian thing as it seems it's more customary here to treat underlines...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    I wonder if there's a viable business model in tacking crowd-funding onto the existing publisher set up? I.e. if the author has an idea that the publisher isn't sure will be a commercial success, they can post some rough-draft sample...
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