Frank McConnell

Frank McConnell

  • Commented on Mendel Acquisition Squares : A Game of Futures
    Re: AOL/4chan: remember, AOL is already a property of Verizon. It has occurred to me that Verizon is buying part of Yahoo because that part of Yahoo is providing e-mail/webmail/portal service to AT&T's ISP business, and here Verizon have their...
  • Commented on Updating a classic
    All coders have to take in in turns to do customer support. I've lived this one. The product was portable C software delivered in source form, and there are customers in this space who will insist on taking theirs...
  • Commented on Space Robot Sad Trombone
    We read science fiction, so we've been getting rampant sentimentalism for machines for a while. To pick an example that's at hand.... "Do you understand what is about to happen to you?" Amalfi said suddenly. "YES, MR. MAYOR. WE ARE...
  • Commented on Over-Extended Metaphor for the day
    If you really want to talk about non-UNIX UNIXes, you need to go back to the late 1970s and early 1980s for things like Whitesmith's Idris, Alcyon's Regulus, and Charles River Data Systems' UNOS, and then HP-UX on the HP...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Glasshouse
    Assorted observations about Glasshouse. The hardcover Ace US edition that I have has a number line ending in 2. Did it have a second printing? I think I bought it from a Friends of the Library sale so can't say...
  • Commented on How I feel this morning
    An RSS feed reader is really more like having a robot that goes around your town knocking on everybody's door to see who has something to say. But maybe it's OK, they've got robots to answer the door and hand...
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