• Commented on The Curious Experience of Middle Age
    "Now I've seen enough to have a fairly good idea of what's over the next hill. Strip malls, usually." Every once and awhile you get lucky and it's a Strip Club :)...
  • Commented on PSA: Ignore the news
    Or some crazy was just really pissed off that they didn't BQ....
  • Commented on What are words worth?
    "You talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded." - Dr. Lexus...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    It looks to me like there are 2 separate reason to self publish and nether of them is getting books out faster. Reason 1 is the aspiring author who just can't seem to find a publisher who will put there...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    "The author makes around 10% of the net sale price as profit. So does the publisher. Another 10% goes on production overheads, and the other 70% ... goes to middle-men like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Waterstones." Can I just...
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