• Commented on The next moves in the Spooks v. News cold war
    Oh, they noticed and knew. But not unlike us, they rather traded security (end of the endless civil wars) for freedom. Also, not unlike for us, things didn't really change for most people, before it was an oligarchy of a...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Merchant Princes
    I have the first three books of the Merchant Princes as hardcover, but the splitting up in a way that was clearly not intended originally and the price Tor wanted (20 USD for a 300 page book I think? Would...
  • Commented on PSA: Ignore the news
    publicly available news media in the 21st century exist solely to get eyeballs on advertisements. Admittedly that was true for 20th century news (regardless if bought in Newspaper form or Radio or TV), since all these forms except government...
  • Commented on Obituaries
    She did a lot to make it even an option for Argentina though. The failed UN negotiations, the change of the Royal Navy to a coastal defense force (which made the whole thing end nearly in a complete military disaster...
  • Commented on The permanent revolution
    "The difference in heating and cooling tech compared to when it was done by having ice hauled in to cool your food (something still within living memory) qualifies as a pretty radical change in household tech. " Not only household...
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