• Commented on Beer, Cambridge (MA) — and a book
    Hi Charlie Apple iBookstore and Amazon's Kindle both have ebook versions available now... Just got mine downloaded to my iPad a few mins ago!...
  • Commented on Gadget Patrol: iPad, a month on
    Hey Charlie I agree... My iPad has all but replaced my MacBook pro 15" for most of all my casual work n play stuff--- there are still IT manager thingies I can't or won't do with the iPad, but as...
  • Commented on A message from our sponsors
    Hi Charlie Greets from Tokyo. I just found a pre-order link for "The Fuller Memorandum" in their Kindle format on Amazon's US store. iTunes iBookstore still shows nothing but I suspect it will soon follow there too. Just an FYI....
  • Commented on Beer, Tokyo
    Thanks for setting this up, Charlie... I'll do my best to be there!...
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