• Commented on Amazon: malignant monopoly, or just plain evil?
    Charlie: You've talked before about how the price differential between eBooks and paperbacks SHOULD be small, because most of the price is paying for the existence of the publishing staff. I get that. I'm just curious: Given what you know...
  • Commented on Cheap Reads!
    My apologies for being ambiguous - the company I was talking about was Google, not Hachette. As a consumer, I don't tend to think about which publisher I'm purchasing from - it's not like I actually get a choice! (This...
  • Commented on Cheap Reads!
    Can we complain about the existence of "oceans" in the post-internet publishing world instead? It's deeply silly that I should pay $12 just because I'm in Australia, that's all I'm saying. Particularly when I'm buying a UK English book from...
  • Commented on Brief clarification
    Well, yes, obviously it's annoying for those on the West coast when things are over on the East....but there are only 2 million of you. 3 million if we count Adelaide as being more West than East. That leaves the...
  • Commented on Brief clarification
    It seems rude to complain, since you've come from the other side of the world, but it's very annoying when conventions and things are hosted in Perth, because it's a stupidly long way from all our other cities. (If you...
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