• Commented on We need a pony. And the moon on a stick. By next Thursday.
    Obligatory Piranha Brothers reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fNvi6xG-5Y "He used... sarcasm. He knew all the tricks, dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and... satire. He was vicious."...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    This is a good post about how badly bitcoin misses the point of what make up the majority of the world's problems with banking. https://al3x.net/2013/12/18/bitcoin.html My own takeaway is that bitcoin vs. postal banking is the big cyberfantasy vs. meatspace...
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    We're seeing it already with drones. It's the other side of asymmetric warfare. The poor already have fertilizer bombs and suicide belts, substituting labor for the capital invested in infantry platoons & B-52s. Rich nations are increasingly substituting capital for...
  • Commented on Lies, damned lies, and popular beliefs
    Does multiplying parties help? In the US, I've seen that it's easier to take over an existing political organization (the way the right wing has taken over the Republican party) than it is to create a new self-sustaining organization. The...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Iron Sunrise
    I think Accelerando may find readers a long time from now, because it's a fantasy that will show how the early 21st century felt to its future-shocked inhabitants....
  • Commented on Minor hiccup
    Given that Mo is, IIRC, Irish (and thus likely to have a certain amount of ... skepticism, shall we say, about the innocence of the British state) the next book could have a very different slant on the Laundry. Eagerly...
  • Commented on Minor hiccup
    Two questions: 1) I love to ask dumb roman à clef questions. Thus, how much of Bob & Mo is made up of you and the missus? Ignore this if it seems impertinent. 2) Green, luminous worms: Not so much...
  • Commented on Press Release: Stross Uncloaks Secret Media Project
    The romance angle is kind of perfunctory -- can you work in Ambrose's estranged teenaged daughter who happens to be a vampire with a boyfriend in the AZ National Guard? (Teen Paranormal Romance for the trifecta!)...
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