• Commented on The Fumes of Mordor & Other World Building Models
    Or is it "an Hawaiian volcano?...
  • Commented on The Fumes of Mordor & Other World Building Models
    Linda, this video about making the film "Oblivion" might be of interest to you. They filmed the cloudscape from the top of a Hawaiian volcano and used the results as part ofc one of the primary sets. The light...
  • Commented on Why I Do Self-Publish
    Linda, a point regarding your self-(re)published books. I find that unless it is an excellently bound hard-cover, I prefer ebooks by far. Having recently purchased the whole lot and working my way through them as ePubs read on several different...
  • Commented on New Guest Blogger: Linda Nagata
    Well, this is an unexpected pleasure. To those who have not read "Vast" in particular or Linda Nagata's work in general: please give yourself the pleasure of doing so as soon as you can....
  • Commented on No. Words.
    Charlie, it was through reading Iain Banks and then various reviews, interviews, and so on that I first found your own books. It is amazing to me how many interesting things have been pointed out to me through Banks' works....
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