Brad Ackerman

Brad Ackerman

  • Commented on Paging Agent 007
    Regarding Mr. Z's boring venture, the key question seems to be what he knows that Martin Herrenknecht doesn't. Is it really just a matter of the commercial incentives not encouraging more productive TBMs?...
  • Commented on Attention Conservation Notice
    The imaging-with-WiFI drones are also being worked on....
  • Commented on Rejection Letter
    But AD is just an embrace-and-extend version of Kerberos, isn't it? And Macs can cope with it too (although not as domain controllers). And I've seen plenty of thin clients in NHS hospital reception suites over the past few...
  • Commented on Clickbait spasm: 14 gizmos I used in 2015
    The best disk-shredding protocol I've seen—note that those are classified hard drives. Well, were classified hard drives....
  • Commented on Clickbait spasm: 14 gizmos I used in 2015
    I'm also on my second ScanSnap, and it's awesome. Overkill for what I use it for, but still a lot less pain than trying to scan paper bills and such with a flatbed....
  • Commented on Clickbait spasm: 14 gizmos I used in 2015
    In Australia, JB HiFi does stock the Kobo readers - and amazingly enough, the price less GST is actually less than the US RRP on the Glo HD. (The Aura H2O actually costs less than the US RRP even after...
  • Commented on Oh dear
    It's entirely unrelated to the museums you mention, but I suspect you'd like the Buchstabenmuseum....
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