• Commented on Making history personal
    Sorry we tired you out Charlie! Everyone appreciated having the chance to hear you talk about your books. Oldest building personally slept in? Probably 2nd Court, St. John's College Cambridge, completed in 1602....
  • Commented on Short Story: Bit Rot
    Charlie, if that's a request for something to cut+paste, then ebook-convert "Bit Rot.epub" "Bit" --output-profile=kindle --sr1-search='style="white-space:pre-wrap"' --sr1-replace='' (ebook-convert will be inside the Calibre distribution somewhere if you're on OSX) is the command you want. If it's a "nothing is...
  • Commented on Short Story: Bit Rot
    It's (sort of) Apple Pages fault apparently. A little Googling turned up this page wherein it is revealed that a search & destroy on style="white-space:pre-wrap" will solve the problem. Maybe Calibre is getting confused between white-space:pre and white-space:pre-wrap? Thanks...
  • Commented on A message from our UK sponsors
    (and it's definitely DRM-free from the Kobo store - says so on the tin.)...
  • Commented on A message from our UK sponsors
    The Google Book store in the UK has it listed fwiw. (You can pre-order the next volume as well)...
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