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    The above-named shall refrain from claiming knowledge of "OCTOTHORPE GANESH HIBISCUS", even as a joke. In this case there were no fatalities, but in the last such incident, over two dozen people suffered injuries while trying to prove they had...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    Note: This disciplinary notice in no way excuses J. for eating your lunch....
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    Contrary to standard operating procedure, placed a salad containing raw cruciferous vegetables (specifically: rocket and [redacted] kale) in the ice box with a DIRGE ROMANCE sample, compromising the PAWN ICON GREEN experimental protocol and giving operative J. a particularly nasty...
  • Commented on Schadenfreude
    On corporate personhood vs Laundry novels: What happens to the employees when the corporation itself embodies the wrong sort of calculation? For that matter, since OGH is so fond of eusocial animals, what happens when an ant colony does?...
  • Commented on Short Story: Bit Rot
    While understanding that OGH doesn't have time for this and it's surely not at all his fault, I can't help noting that on my Kindle Paperwhite with software 5.3.5, the .mobi version is wrapping text in the middle of words,...
  • Commented on Books I've written
    As far as windows into your process are concerned, I enjoyed the afterwords in The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue and was sad when there wasn't such an afterword in The Fuller Memorandum or The Apocalypse Codex....
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