• Commented on Message for GISHWHES participants
    "They have, since this started last Saturday, broken three more world records and are working on two more." This one's for you, crzydemona:
  • Commented on Upcoming disruption
    Metafilter is good *in spite* of flat comments. Even there, it's far too easy to derail an entire post by an early threadshitter. Threaded discussions can get messy, sure, but not nearly as mindbending as trying to jump into a...
  • Commented on What is the next bubble?
    Beanie babies, WoW characters, and EVE playtime. Mark my words....
  • Commented on Incoming quiet period
    Some novels flow easily, and some are a painful slog. This one is one of the latter. Do you feel the novels that the writing flows for are "better" in general than the stick-in-the-mud ones, or does it get worked...
  • Commented on CMAP #8: Lifestyle or Job?
    Yeah yeah, whatever. When do we get to see pictures of your gold-plated toilet?...
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