• Commented on Vacation
    If you haven't been recently, a day at Kennedy Space Center (and the surrounding attractions, such as the Astronaut Hall of Fame) seems a must. The Space Shuttle they have on display is truly awe-inspiring. If you enjoy seeing rare/wild...
  • Commented on The latest Hugo awards storm
    And he's out: I have decided to withdraw from hosting the Hugo's @loncon3 in response to some who would rather I weren't there. Have a lovely convention.— Jonathan Ross (@wossy) March 1, 2014...
  • Commented on The language of alienation
    For present-day expressions incomprehensible in the past, how about the way fanfiction terms have been incorporated into literary criticism? Akhilles/Patroclus is my canon OTP, but don't you think Aeneas is a total Gary Stu?...
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